Ambient Music Project



The History of the project rapidly evolved long before the birth of its founder.

Due to the rumors, 'Ephilion' has always existed in the higher spheres of Idea and once impersonated as a composer, producer and an artisan with a mirror name.

This person from the town of the Ancients has been developing his studies on Sound phenomenon for many light years. These explorations are imprinted in the musical landscapes of his creations.

In the Chronicles of Eternity we may discover that has his inexplicable sound style revealed with an influence of academic music, gentle touch of experimental sound and environment recordings collected in the numerous movements around the globe. In his music, the Author follows the idea of expressing the inexpressible and expands the term of Ambient music to a different level of perception.

'Sound told me, that the order is to follow the rule: apply everything you have learned for the benefit of the others', tells the Author. Ephilion believes that the Sound itself is a true teacher and most important for a composer is to save the state of the clean inspired consciousness and transfer it directly to a listener.


Address: Arcturus, constellation Bootes, northern celestial hemisphere.

If you have difficulties in order to get to Arcturus and chat over a cup of elite Chinese tea, then you may use the old method and write me an e-mail.

Note that the distance from the Earth to Arcturus is about 36.7 light years, which means that the answer may not come immediately.

E-mail: otto@ephilion.com.