Ephilion – Entering Ephi’s Dimension


Catalog: DSRCD001
Release Date: 24-Dec-2013 (2nd edition published in 2014)
UPC: 859711791512
Genres: Ambient, Neo-Classic, Electronic

Ephilion’s debut album reveals a new perspective on Ambient music reflected in a multifaceted sound and subtle approach to the sound design, with an influence of neo-classical sound and experimental maneuvers. In his music, Ephilion follows the idea of expressing the inexpressible and expands the term of Electronic music to a different level of perception: 17 compositions consists of deep musical landscapes intertwined with live performances, mystical sound modulations and musical symbolism.

Album represents a rich sound palette where dozen of synthesizers from different eras interact with an ancient instruments of the East, old German church organ and 19th century cello. Also, as a result of inspirational travels around the globe, Ephilion has included environment recordings from the sacred places of Israel, Greece, India, Europe and Russia to his compositions.

Many of talented artists made their contribution in the creation of the Album. To name a few, in «Divina Commedia», Ephilion collaborates with an opera soprano singer Natalia Pavlova to describe an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century. «Sí Este Niño Se Durmiere» follows the voice of Anna Hoffman to touch the heritage of Sephardi Jews through the prism of Indian music performed by Gennady Lavrientiev, while Mikhail Finogenov plays virtuosic guitar riffs in the «Eφi’s Chariot».

This album will captivate true connoisseurs of extraordinary sound and will garner adoration for the true lovers of mystical and deep atmospheric sound. A comprehensive sound abundance permeates the listening space through all the compositions which unwinds into the journey through uncharted soundscapes and brings the listener a true mystical experience.

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